Having been on the Riveria region, IDSUD Voyages for 60 years is a local agency which has become an innovative actor in the travel industry today.

We keep our roots of and manage to modernize and offer solutions combining intelligently digital and the expertise, for an easy and fast display of our solutions and a cost control.

A solution designed by and for the end users

IDSUD Voyages is the synthesis of expectations expressed by business travelers, CFO, procurement managers as well as travel coordinators.

Price is just one component of the cost savings amongst others.

Thanks to its international expertise and its negotiated agreements IDSUD Voyages offers a corporate bespoke service while ensuring total control of TCO through regular restitution KPI, monitoring of established.

Depending on your business volume and quality of your traffic, we implement solutions to help you monitoring / adjusting the best procurement practices, in line with the market offers, special agreements and our negotiated conditions.

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